WB turnaround management®

Temporary takeover of (project) management or technical functions

Interim Management

Your company needs an experienced and seasoned manager in India, who temporarily runs your business on site, for example as long as a new Indian manager is found and has been worked in. Or you need a specialised expert who monitors an important project in India according to your wishes. Maybe you also want a person of trust on site, who reliably fulfils important and critical tasks for you in compliance with the interests of your parent company? Contact us!

  • Temporary takeover of project management or management through experienced international interim managers.
  • Coordination by expert teams.
  • Ensuring the legal capacity of your company in India.
  • Leading negotiations with Indian partners, authorities, trade unions etc. on your behalf.



    Suitable and experienced experts are available for the temporary takeover of the management.


    Specialists from different areas are integrated into your Indian team as needed to ensure strategically important works, i.e. to initiate and supervise them. Examples are introduction of new strategies, build-up of production and profound changes of current processes.


    In case of the discontinuation by the Indian management team our experts are also able to set off in your local business from one day to the next and to take over core functions in order to prevent your company from further harm.